Waste and Recycling

Phoenix Airport's Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs provide outreach, and coordinate with airport staff, tenants, and business partners to reduce airport solid waste generation and minimize contributions to landfill. We strive to find ways to reduce waste at the source, reuse items that have remaining useful life and to maximize the recycling of our waste. In 2014, we set a goal to recycle 40 percent of solid waste generated at airport operated facilities by 2020. Currently we are at 31 percent.

Inside the airport terminal, passengers have access to recycling bins in concourses, at security checkpoints, and in food court areas. Food and beverage and retail businesses recycle a wide range of pre-consumer materials, and airlines recycle deplaned waste. Our recycling program follows the City of Phoenix guidelines to keep our message consistent. For more information about Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport recycling and a complete list of recycled materials and programs, please see the links below.