Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

water-conservation-icon-cs5Goal: 10 percent reduction by 2020.

The Phoenix region’s arid, hot climate places a significant premium on water, especially during Phoenix’s summer months. Conserving water is essential for the long-term sustainability of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

With water consumption at PHX averaging 30 million gallons per month, past conservation efforts include:

  • Installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures and automatic shutoff valves in restrooms.
  • The use of low-irrigation xeriscape landscaping at the airports.

water-conservation-icon-cs5The Aviation Department Sustainability Management Plan has the goal of reducing water consumption by 10 percent by 2020. To achieve this goal, the Aviation Department:

  • Worked with Phoenix Water Services Department by performing water audits at its three airports .
  • Developed a Water Conservation Plan outlining best opportunities for water conservation at the three airports. 

water-conservation-icon-cs5This year, new Water Conservation measures include:

  • Implementation of new water treatment technology at Terminal 4 cooling towers, anticipated to save 10 million gallons of water a year.
  • Upgrading irrigation control systems at 44th Street PHX Sky Train® Station and Rental Car Center.
  • Restroom remodels utilizing the latest water-conserving products.
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